A Wonderful Bakery In Saylorsburg Pennsylvania!

I have dedicated my life to making spirits, and dough, rise. From bread to focaccia, biscotti to brownies!

 whatever you require, my bakery will be able to provide. I can cater for everything from families to businesses so whether you're a large hotel chain looking for a reliable and consistent baked good provider, or a family looking for quality bread and cakes for your growing brood.

We do not have a store front, we are a traveling bakery catering to anyone who wants great baked goods

give my shop a call 707-655-6096 and talk to me today. You can also see us at many local events. 

Bread Making Is An Art!

 I have years of experience perfecting the art of bread making, and I love sharing my creations with my customers – all this at an amazing price that will leave you wanting more every time. Don't forget about my gluten free items and a treat for your pup! Whether you're looking for a tray bake for the office bake sale, or endless delicious choices for your next big event, I can help. I'll happily offer a range of traditional bakes, and can also work with you on a unique, bespoke cake if you want something really special. From brownies to bread      (or a bag of S' more granola)– I'd love to be your go-to baking expert.

Gluten Free Too!

Many years ago my son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I used my degree in Culinary Arts to start up Minnesota's first gluten free bakery. Babycakes of Luverne was very popular. I helped anyone who had any type of food allergies. All gluten free items are baked in foil pans too prevent cross contamination. Feel free to call with any special orders or questions!